The Death of SecondViews

by on Apr.18, 2012, under Uncategorized

Not much of a topic or surprise as it’s been since September since I posted ANYTHING.

This whole site got overwhelming. I was trying to post long reviews on EVERYTHING I digested and it took the fun out of digesting it…

I also was tired of trying to write semi-professional reviews as well…So I tried to change and it didn’t work.

I then realized I can’t change SV. But I didn’t want to delete it either. I put a lot of work into the site so I will keep it up for archival purposes.

In other news, I have been feeling the need to write every once in awhile…I just don’t want any constrictions (even self imposed because I was trying to do something…) I just want the ability to speak out when I want in brief bursts….THUS I need a new outlet. SO coming soon will be a NEW endeavor….


I will be writing about most everything I digest still but I’ll just have to write…just write. Categories will keep me organized enough. And it will be about whatever. If it’s a chapter in a book, it’s a chapter, if it’s a whole series it’s a whole series…If it’s a movie, a tv show whatever. Whatever pops into my mind that day.

AND there might be more…it might be about life as well but I think I’ll mostly keep that at a minimum as I’m not a great armchair psychologist or anything. It may be boring and it may be just for myself but fuck it…

it’ll be me. In all it’s embarassing glory. You’ll find that I watch crappy reality shows like AI, The Voice – I listen to 80s hair metal and sappy love songs, I read comic books, I watch wrestling. But you’ll learn all of that and if it’s entertaining…great!

For now though SecondViews served me well…but all good things must die…onto the next step…

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